The Fighter lyrics

Verse 1
My name is Jessie Sullivan, I live up over the hill
I ain’t taking s**t from no man, I guess I never will,
I’ll kick your a** and I’ll beat you down, it happens all the time
and if you see a pretty girl, you can bet that girl is mine
I grew up in this crummy town, and I’ll probably die here too
as for learning kindness, that’s something I’ll never do
I’ll fight you with my left fist, and I’ll fight you with my right
and if we’re rolling on the ground I’ll scratch and I will bite

Cause I’m a fighter, fighting everyday
I’m a fighter, fighting’s my only way
yeah, I’m a fighter, fighting everyday
I’m a fighter, fighting’s my only way

Verse 2
Hello there Jessie Sullivan, I’ve seen you over the hill
my name is Richard Brown, but you can call me uncle Bill
I like the way you fight son, it’s something you can do
but can you see the money that is right in front of youI know big men who will pay big dollars, just to see you fight
I can tell you got the talent, I’ll make you rich boy, overnight
Jessie didn’t take too long, to go with uncle Bill
and if you don’t know how this story ends, very soon you will)(


Verse 3
well Jessie Sullivan and uncle Bill they began to travel around
and Jessie wore his knuckles, bloody raw in every town
men began to fear him, no-one could go the rounds
until one day the Russian said he’d take our fighter down
a back of rock, chest of steel and arms of dynamite
few had seen him speak but it was clear the man could fight
our young lad Jessie Sullivan was about to meet his match
but he never had an appetite for stalinistic trash


Verse 4
The fight was rough, the fight was dirty, blood was everywhere
men, women, children saw it… the whole damn town was there
Jessie’s nose was broken, he was outweighed by 30 pounds
but he knocked that Russian f***** down in 13 bloody rounds
When the fight was over, Jessie dragged himself on down to bed
that’s when the Russian snuck in, blew off Jessie’s head
this story is for the fighters that will fight but never win
but just like Jesse Sullivan, keep fighting till the end

Last Chorus
You’re a fighter ‘fighter’ fighting every day
You’re a fighter ‘fighter’ fighting’s your only way
You’re a fighter ‘fighter’ fighting everyday
You’re a fighter ‘fighter’ fighting’s your only way
Fighting’s your only way,.. HEY!

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