Live Music

Looking for live music for your next event? Look no further

Kyle O’Brien is a talented and exciting performer with loads of experience playing music for all sorts of audiences and venues.

With a blend of country, folk, bluegrass covers and catchy originals, this musical performance is timeless and completely unique. Some of the biggest influences to the style are Hank Williams, Johnny Cash and Django Reinhardt.

Kyle’s deep and soulful voice guides his listeners through songs both classic and original, down a country road back towards a picturesque cabin on the hill. Instrumentally versatile and gifted, Kyle can dazzle on guitar, mandolin or fiddle.

Often accompanied by his mother, Janette, on stand-up bass as well as any number of his musical buddies on various acoustic instruments depending on needs and budget.


Songs from Kyle’s deep catalog


Even better with bass or fiddle

Trio or more

More the merrier, let the bluegrass ring!

Now accepting shows through the Alpine Music Connection: (303) 670-995 (zero)