• Rolling Stoner lyrics

    Rolling Stoner lyrics

    And I don’t know where I’m goingI can’t remember where I’ve beenI’m a million miles from home nowWhere to begin? I’m a rolling stoner, and I’ll soon be a gonerI’m just singing this song, before rolling oneI’m a rolling stoner, and I’ll soon be a gonerI’m just singing this song, before rolling… and lighting one…

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  • Wish I Was Tougher lyrics

    Wish I Was Tougher lyrics

    Headed up North with two-hundred headWorking for a boss who’s better off deadPush us so hard it’s a hell of a plightFrom the break of dawn till stars at night Riding in the saddle till I’m bone rawHaven’t been paid since way last fallStaring at the bank, it runs through my headHow’s a poor boy…

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  • Fox In The Henhouse lyrics

    Fox In The Henhouse lyrics

    There’s a fox in the henhouse run run runYou let go the dogs and grab your gunHe’s got one by the neck and on the run run runSounds like a ruckus if I ever heard one You were sleeping so sweet in your feather bedBut you’ll have to get up and run instead‘Cause a fox…

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  • The Fighter lyrics

    The Fighter lyrics

    Verse 1My name is Jessie Sullivan, I live up over the hillI ain’t taking s**t from no man, I guess I never will, I’ll kick your a** and I’ll beat you down, it happens all the timeand if you see a pretty girl, you can bet that girl is mineI grew up in this crummy…

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  • Good Old Me lyrics

    Good Old Me lyrics

    Verse 1We planned to be wed on the first day of spring,together I hoped we’d always beBut on that fateful day, she up and ran awaySo I made vows to myself now don’t you seeI vowed to be faithful, I vowed to be true, to love myself everydayNow I’m still all alone but happy in…

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  • Slippery Slope Lyrics

    Slippery Slope Lyrics

    ChorusIt’s a slippery slope to the bottom of a beer glassAnd I seem to slip a little more each timeI’m not drinking because I’m thinking of you,I’m drinking just to keep you off my mind Verse 1Each morning I tell myself I’m happyEach afternoon I tell myself I triedEach evening I’m reaching for the bottleJust…

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  • Honey Bee Lyrics

    Honey Bee Lyrics

    ChorusCome on baby, won’t you talk to meCome hold my hand, take a walk with meBe my honey, be my little girlI’ll love you if your hair turns curlyEven if your nose gets runnyBe my honey, be my little girl Verse 1When the moon is on my mind and the sun, it just won’t shineWalk…

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  • Country Pie Lyrics

    Country Pie Lyrics

    ChorusShe’s my country pie, sweet as a cherry, and I’ll tell you why,She’s the apple of my eye, slice me a piece of that country pie Verse 1Whenever I’m downWhenever I’m blueMy little honey bee knows what to doWe go get some berriesAnd pecans tooWe make us some pie for two ChorusShe’s my country pie,…

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